Sliding Fee Scale

Make Less? Pay less.

About the Sliding Fee Scale

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, PHC offers Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, Pharmacy and lab services on a Sliding Fee Scale. This means that you may be eligible for discounts depending on your household income and family size. 

  • Sliding fee discounts are available to you even if you have health insurance. 
  • Sliding Fee Scale Applications must be renewed annually.

How Does It Work?

When you check in for your appointment we may ask you for a nominal fee. Any balance remaining after insurance payments and the sliding fee scale discount will be billed to you. 

Click here to view our 2024 household size & income guidelines for the sliding fee scale. Patients experiencing houselessness or those with Medicaid may have a slide set for their benefit. You will need to submit recent copies of one of the following documents for each earner in your family:

  • Most Recent 1040 Tax Form (PHC’s preferred documentation)

  • One Month’s Recent, Back-to-Back Pay Stubs or Unemployment Checks (for all employment if working multiple jobs)

  • Social Security or Disability Benefit Letter (or most recent bank statement showing monthly deposits)

  • Recent bank Statement (for fixed incomes)

  • Pension or Retirement Award Letter

  • Grant Award Letter (students only)

  • Screenshot of WIC Benefits (from the WIC Shopper app)

Please be aware that we cannot accept W-2’s, 1099s, old taxes, or student loan information.  


Call us a call at (406) 258-4450.

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