Healthcare for everyone in our community​

Everyone is Welcome at PHC

Our staff is driven by a common belief that all people deserve access to high-quality healthcare. That’s why everyone is welcome at PHC, and nobody is denied care due to inability to pay. 

When you enter a PHC clinic, you will be treated with the same kindness, dignity and respect as everyone else. This is true regardless of age, housing status, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, insurance status, citizenship, background, or anything else.

Whether you have many resources or very few, PHC is right for you. Our dedicated staff is excited to support each person on their unique health journey with the whole-person healthcare, support, and resources they need to thrive.   

Affordable Healthcare for All

Money should never be a barrier between you and the care you need. At PHC, nobody is ever denied care due to inability to pay. 

We have a variety of resources and services available to help ensure your healthcare fits your budget. For example, we use a sliding fee scale to adjust charges for healthcare services based on your household income.  Put more simply: if you make less, you pay less.  

Click the button below to see the many ways we can help ensure your healthcare is affordable. 

Removing Barriers to Care

For many people, quality healthcare feels out of reach. Too many barriers stand between you and the care you need – barriers like money, transportation, language and more. 

At PHC, we aim to bring down those barriers. From language interpreters to transportation vouchers and much more, our team is eager to work alongside you to ensure that your unique needs are met and that you can access the quality, compassionate healthcare that all people deserve.  

Do you or someone you know believe that healthcare is a luxury they cannot afford? Please call PHC today. We love working with patients to ensure they can access our services.   

The Many Languages of PHC

Everyone is welcome at PHC. Here is the word “welcome” in some of the languages spoken by our patients: 

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