Leadership & Board of Directors

Healthy People, Strong Communities

Our Leadership Team and Board of Directors bring together a wealth of experience, dedication, and a shared commitment to the well-being of our community. Guided by a passion for healthcare excellence, they steer our vision, ensuring that every decision reflects our core values and drives our mission.


Senior Leadership Team

  • Lara Salazar, MBA – Chief Executive Officer  
  • James Quirk, MD FAAFP – Chief Medical Officer  
  • Sarah Watson, DO – Medical Director  
  • Bryan Chalmers – Chief Financial Officer  
  • Becca Goe – Director of Innovation 
  • Skye McGinty – Chief Diversity and Equity Officer 
  • Jazmin Nelson, DMD, FAGD Dental Director 
  • Jody Faircloth – Director of Infrastructure 
  • Raina Moss, RPh – Co-Director of Pharmacy 
  • Brent Dehring, PharmD – Co-Director of Pharmacy  
  • Jaime Dixon – Assistant Chief Financial Officer 
  • Sarah Potts, PhD – Director of Behavioral Health  
  • Cris Fleming, LBSW – Clinic Director 
  • Jenna Buska – Director of Business Development 
  • Marge Baack – Chief Operating Officer
  • Staci Finley – Quality Assurance Manager and Compliance Officer 
  • Jen Gregory – Director of Employee Relations
  • Eric Halverson – Director of Communications  

Board of Directors

Partnership Health Center is a federally qualified health center (FQHC) and required to have a majority of the members of the Board of Directors who are currently served by the clinic as patients. This is a requirement we are proud to fulfill.  

As a group, the patient members of our board must reasonably represent the individuals served by the clinic in terms of race, ethnicity, and gender. ​If you would like more information about serving on Partnership Health Center’s Board of Directors, please contact Stacy Newell at 

  • Kathleen Walters – Board Chair  
  • John Crawford – Vice Chair  
  • Jilayne Dunn – Secretary  
  • Joe Melvin – Treasurer  
  • Annie Green 
  • Patty Kero 
  • Karen Myers 
  • Bruce Richardson 
  • David Strohmaier 
  • Mark Thane 
  • Jeff Weist 
  • Nathalie Wolfram  
  • Sara Heineman (Ex-Officio) 
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