Social Work

Supporting patients to overcome barriers to health and well-being.

About PHC Social Work

Challenges like housing insecurity, safety concerns and food security can be barriers to health and well-being. Our compassionate Social Work team can help with those challenges and many more. 

PHC Social Work can provide support to established patients in a variety of ways ranging from helping you connect with community resources, assistance accessing public benefits, and much more. 

What we can help with:

  • Food or nutrition access and services
  • End of life care planning
  • Social security benefits screening
  • Troubleshooting transportation challenges
  • Housing and tenancy concerns
  • Utility assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Ongoing housing concerns or housing that is at-risk
  • Referral to case management in community (PHC does not offer case management services)
  • Education for youth, adolescents and adults
  • Access to key resources in community!

How to Connect with PHC Social Work

If you would like help (or just to learn more) about any of the concerns above, you can connect with our Social Work Team in any of the following ways:

  • At your next Medical, Dental or Behavioral Health Appointment: Ask any PHC staff member to connect with PHC Social Work. We will come to you!  A scheduled appointment with Social Work is not required.
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