Community Care Team

Mobile medicine and support services for Missoulians experiencing houselessness.

About the Community Care Team

For many Missoulians, travelling to a clinic for healthcare is a huge barrier to accessing the care and support they need. That’s why the Community Care Team, or CCT, brings medical care and other services to them.  

Sometimes called “street medicine” or “mobile medicine,” the CCT supports our unsheltered neighbors with a wide variety of basic medical needs such as wound care, medication management and E.R. follow-up. When a higher level of care is required, the team connects patients to a PHC clinic or local hospital.  

At PHC, we believe housing is healthcare, because we know that being safely housed is an essential part of creating and sustaining good health. That’s why CCT team members called Tenancy Support Specialists work with patients to connect them to housing.  We do this by building trusting, culturally sensitive relationships with patients and collaborating with a variety of key community partners.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the CCT
Where can I find the CCT?

The CCT makes regular visits to the Poverello Center, local shelters, and wherever else Missoulians experiencing houselessness are living.  

What kind of staff are on the CCT?
  • Registered Nurse – Provides mobile medical care and is often joined by a resident physician.  
  • Tenancy Support Specialists – Connects patients to housing and helps patients navigate the process of securing housing  
  • Peer Support Specialists  – Helps patients navigate the resources and services they need to achieve their health and wellness goals  
What are the goals of the CCT?

By improving health and access to care, the CCT aims to drive down emergency department visits, incarceration rates, police interactions, and the demand for behavioral health crisis facilities.

What other organizations does the CCT work with?

The CCT works closely with the Poverello Center, St. Patrick Hospital, Western Montana Mental Health Center and Hope Rescue Mission. These groups communicate frequently through Missoula’s Coordinated Entry System, weekly meetings and other tools to ensure efficient and effective use of resources. Missoula County and the City of Missoula provided American Rescue Plan Act funding to start and sustain the CCT. 

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