Supporting improved health with services beyond traditional healthcare.

PHC Innovations

What’s getting in the way of your health and wellbeing? We offer assistance addressing legal issues, signing up for health insurance, navigating the healthcare system with one-on-one peer support, and much more. 

At PHC, we offer a variety of services beyond traditional healthcare. Why? Because while access to medical care is a critical element of health, overall health is impacted by many other factors. With a spirit of innovation in everything we do, PHC supports patients to address what stands between them and their health and wellness goals.  

Helping our patients address a legal issue or access housing might not sound like healthcare, but if it helps you live a healthier life, we are eager to support. Click here to learn about other nonmedical and systems-level factors that impact health and wellbeing. These are commonly known as Social Determinants of Health, or SDOH.

How to Connect with Innovations Programs

  • Online: Click the links below for more information on each program
  • In-Person: At your next PHC appointment, ask any member of our staff about how we can help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Patient Programs & Services

Community Care Team

The Community Care Team provides mobile medicine and support services for Missoulians experiencing houselessness. Sometimes called “street medicine,” the CCT helps our unsheltered neighbors with a variety of basic medical needs along with tenancy support to connect patients to housing.  

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Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers are frontline public health workers who are trusted members of the communities they work with. Having lived through similar experiences, CHWs possess a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the patients they serveThey work alongside patients in a peer-like capacity to identify patient goals, connect them with services, and empower them to navigate complex systems 

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Is a legal issue getting in the way of your ability to achieve your health and wellness goalsPHC may be able to help. Click here to learn more.

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Mobile Support Team

We partner with the Missoula Fire Department to provide the right care in the right setting to people experiencing behavioral health emergencies. PHC provides a licensed behavioral health clinician and related expertise to the MST. The MST seeks to reduce emergency room visits, divert clients from law enforcement interactions and jail, and provide compassionate, cost-effective solutions to complex challenges.  

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Community & Systems-Level Programs

Programs designed to address systems-level issues that affect the health and wellbeing of Missoula County residents.

Strategic Alliance for Behavioral Health

The Strategic Alliance for Improved Behavioral Health is working to address the unmet needs of people who do not have access to care. Operating at a systems level, the Strategic Alliance works to build more comprehensive and cost-effective pathways to address unmet behavioral healthcare needs of Missoula County residents.  

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