Working with patients to remove legal barriers to health and wellness.

What is a Medical Legal Partnership? (MLP)

Is a legal issue getting in the way of your ability to achieve your health and wellness goals?  PHC may be able to help. 

Medical Legal Partnerships (MLPs) utilize the unique expertise of legal professionals to help patients address health-harming legal needs.  Health-harming legal needs include issues like housing inadequacies, immigration concerns, food insecurity, public benefits needs, family law, and much more.  These issues can negatively affect health, and are best addressed with support from a legal professional.

MLPs incorporate good legal care as a vital part of medical care. Legal professionals work with patients alongside doctors, social workers, case manager and other staff to identify and address civil legal issues in order to improve health and wellbeing. Further, our MLP strives to empower patients as agents of their own well-being.

What can PHC’s MLP assist you with?

Contact Us

To learn more about our Medical Legal Partnership, please contact:

Hillary Plouffe-Austin, MLP Coordinator
(406) 258-4142

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