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At PHC, we recognize the value of long, trusting relationships between patients and providers. That’s why we always prioritize scheduling you with the medical provider you know best: your Primary Care Provider (PCP).

For the days when you need care and your PCP isn’t available, our team-based model ensures you have access to a provider who works closely with your PCP. We call this person your “anchor provider,” and each of our Care Teams has one.

Below, please select the Care Team that your PCP is on. If your PCP isn’t available at the time that works best for you, we’ll schedule you with your medical team’s anchor provider.

Team Blue

Rob Cruikshank, MD
Julie Eggleton, MD
​Rebecca Sharar, MD
Jeff Walden, MD
Cassie Wammen, MD
Cecilia Weeks, MD​
Alexis Ziebelman, MD

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Team Gold

Christine Belluomini, MD
Nicholas Booker, DO
Ilana Buffenstein, MD
Sammy Clark, MD
Travis Kinane, DO
Alec Kerins, MD
Annalise Mann, DO
Amy Matheny, MD
Rob Stenger, MD

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Team Teal

Danielle Chapin, PA
Kate Krebsbach, DO
Jacqueline Ordemann, MD

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Team Pink

Sarah Horne, MD
Richard Dealy, APRN
Andrea Vannatta, MD*

*Please note Dr. Vannatta only sees patients under 18 years old

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Team Purple

Jesse Charles, MD
Leah Gordon, MD*
Lauren Waski, NP

*Please note Dr. Gordon only sees patients under 18 years old

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Team Green

Katy Meinbresse, NP​
James Quirk, MD
Sarah Watson, MD

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Team Maroon

​Kara Francis, MD​
Chiara Lawrence, MD
Elizabeth Paddock, MD
George Pope, DO
​Talia Sopp, MD
Emma Wright, MD​
Emily Young, DO

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Team Orange

Brett Bell, MD
Darin Bell, MD
Sienna Foxton, DO
Nicole Green, DO
​Cecilia Heck, MD
Neha Malhotra, MD​
​Jennifer Selland, MD
Trent Taylor, MD

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