Dear Patient,

Greetings from Partnership Health Center!

You are receiving this notification because your doctor is leaving Partnership Health Center and we want you to have information about why and what comes next.

Partnership Health Center is home to the Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana (FMRWM). This residency program trains doctors in the specialty of Family Medicine over the course of 3 years. Each year, a new class of resident doctors joins our team and another class graduates. A resident doctor is a physician (who has completed medical school) and practices medicine under the supervision of a senior doctor. Residency training is a requirement for physicians to obtain an unrestricted license to practice medicine.

Dr. Travis Kinane, Dr. Jennifer Selland, Dr. Kara Francis, Dr. Alec Kerins, Dr. Cecilia Weeks, Dr. Rebecca Sharar and Dr. Sienna Foxton will be graduating from residency and leaving Partnership Health Center on June 25, 2024. Dr. Nicole Green, Dr. George Pope, and Dr. Samantha Clark will also be leaving Partnership Health Center on June 23, 2024 to continue their final two years of Family Medicine residency training in Kalispell. We would strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with your current primary care physician before they leave in June.

We will assign you a new primary care physician starting in July. Your choice of health care provider is an individual and personal decision. If you have a preference for a specific provider, please let us know by calling 406-258-4789. We will be able to let you know about their availability for new patients.

We recognize that having a change in your doctor can be stressful. Please know that you have played a crucial role in training future doctors, many of whom go on to provide care for rural and underserved Montanans.

​Thank you for choosing Partnership Health Center.

Address: 401 Railroad Street W. Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: (406) 258-4789 | Fax: (406) 258-4732

Frequently Asked Questions

My provider is leaving, what do I do now?

First, remember your Care Team is still here for you! We have an entire PHC Team including a number of other providers that can help with your care.

Will the Care Team know me?

Yes, the Care Team and covering provider will have your information. All of your health records are in our system.

What do I do about medication refills?

As always, start with your pharmacy. They will contact us, but be aware that using the automated refill request systems may cause a brief delay in getting your medication.

How do I get the results of tests ordered by my provider?

Another provider on your Care Team will still receive these results. If you have had tests done and have not heard about the results within 5-7 days, please contact us.

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