Certified Application counselors

Free help with health insurance applications and more

Free Help with Health Insurance

We get it. Applying for health insurance coverage can be confusing. At PHC, we offer free, step-by-step help for everyone in our community 

*You do not need to be a PHC patient to access this service. 

Certified Application Counselors

Certified Application Counselors have a deep understanding of health insurance, including, medicaid, medicare, and more.

CACs can help you: 

  • Make sure you get the health insurance that fits your needs
  • Apply for coverage through
  • Understand your health insurance options
  • Review eligibility for Medicaid

Financial Assistance

At PHC, we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare. Our CACs can help you access financial assistance, including our income-based sliding fee scale, our medication assistance program, and more. 

Prepare for Your CAC Appointment

Bring your Medicaid or Marketplace account information.

If you have applied before, make sure to have your previous username and password. If you can’t find it, a CAC will help you.

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Bring your email account information

When you come to your appointment, bring your email login information. Don’t have email? We’ll help you set one up.

Bring Proof of Income

You will need recent pay stubs or tax returns for everyone in your household.

Proof of Identification

For Marketplace applications we’ll need to verify your identity and citizenship.

Social Security Number and Date of Birth

You will need this information for all family members who are applying for coverage. 


Give us a call. We are happy to help! (406) 258-4450

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