PHC Wins 2022 Local and State Employer of Choice

PHC Awarded the 2022 Missoula Employer of Choice and the 2022 Montana State Employer of Choice Awards (large business category)

In the face of a workforce shortage and challenges related to a pandemic, many businesses have been put to the test. But some businesses still managed to shine, honoring their workers and letting them know they are valued, even during hardships. The best become known as Employers of Choice.

Every year the Missoula Job Service Employers’ Council selects three employers in the Missoula / Ravalli counties area to recognize for their positive approach to workers, their dedication to leadership, and their community involvement. This year, Partnership Health Center, DJ&A, and Opportunity Resources, Inc. received the title of Employers of Choice. JSEC held an awards ceremony for the trio in February.

Partnership Health Center, a Missoula-based, non-profit Community Health Center, won the Employer of Choice Award for the Large Business Category both in 2019 and 2022. 


PHC has provided high-quality and affordable health care services since 1989.  Today, the organization has grown substantially and offers a wide array of fully integrated health care services including primary medical, dental, behavioral health, pharmacy and much more. These services are available to patients of all ages.  A central element of PHC’s mission is to provide excellent care to anyone in need, regardless of ability to pay. In 2021, Partnership Health Center served over 16,000 unique patients, many of whom were low income and may have otherwise struggled to access needed health care services.    

PHC leadership believes that achieving the organization’s vision of Healthy People, Strong Communities begins internally with a healthy and engaged workforce. As a large organization with close to 270 employees and 7 locations, PHC takes pride in creating a supportive and uplifting organizational culture.  In fact, “Joy at Work” is one of five strategic areas of focus in PHC’s strategic plan. 

Notably, PHC has both a Staff Engagement Coordinator and Director of Staff Engagement to facilitate the Joy at Work section of their strategic plan.  This team’s work was particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic as staff feedback indicated mounting challenges created by the pandemic. In response, PHC hired Lynette Rodi, MA, LCPC, LAC to offer trainings designed to help build resilience around compassion fatigue.  Lynette was a keynote speaker at PHC’s bi-annual, half-day staff meeting and will continue to offer trainings to staff through 2022.  PHC also responded to staff feedback about the enormous challenge of childcare during the COVID-19 pandemic by supplementing staff incomes to defray childcare costs. 

Many other initiatives at PHC are specifically designed to promote Joy at Work and staff engagement.  For example, in September of 2021, PHC even hired a local ice cream truck to serve free treats to staff and patients outside their main building in a safe, socially-distanced manner. 

Beyond providing competitive pay, a wonderful benefits package, and many other high-quality resources to promote wellbeing, PHC also rigorously measures staff engagement.  This is done using the Baldrige Excellence Framework, an evidence-based survey that measures an organization’s performance and identifies opportunities for improvement.  This instrument was implemented for the first time in 2017, with quarterly follow-up pulse checks.  This regular measurement provides vital information about opportunities and challenges PHC faces in its steadfast pursuit of Joy at Work.

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