Connect to care through online appointments

About Telehealth

Your provider/care team may be able to meet with you over video and/or phone, which makes your appointment available from your own home or other convenient location. 

A video visit is our favorite way to reach you. While we prefer video visits, meeting over phone is also a great option. 

Please note that we have taken reasonable and appropriate efforts to decrease confidentiality risks for your telehealth appointment.  There are potential risks to this technology including interruptions, unauthorized access, and technical difficulties. 

Questions? We are here to help.

Please call (406) 258-4399 with any questions. Our telehealth team will be happy to help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the delivery of health care in a virtual setting. Patients can stay at home and meet with their provider over the phone or by video without needing to come in to the clinic. Telecommunications + Health = Telehealth

Who will arrange my appointment?

A Patient Services Representative will schedule your appointment.

  • Phone: Our staff will make sure we have your correct phone number. When it’s time for your appointment, your provider will call you.
  • Video:  Please make sure to enable your camera and microphone. 
    • Please be sure to have Zoom downloaded prior to your appointment if you are using a tablet or smartphone. To download Zoom to your device (click here).  
What is Zoom?

Zoom is a company that we use to connect you with your provider by video. We use Zoom because it works on any device. We have chosen Zoom because it is secure (encrypted). This means that it protects your privacy in the digital world.

Your link will come to the cell phone number we have on file. If you would like your link sent to your email, please just let us know. 

What if I miss the call from my provider?

Your provider will try to reach you more than once. Please do not call back if you see that you missed their call. If you miss their first call, they will try you again. If you miss all of their calls, you will need to call us to re-schedule your appointment.

What if I need to cancel my telehealth appointment?

If you decide that you need to cancel or re-schedule, please let us know immediately. 

How should I prepare for my telehealth appointment?

You can get the most out of your appointment by following these simple steps:

  • At least 10 minutes before your appointment, make sure you have a quiet & private space to take the call
  • Have a list of your current medications along with dosages and strengths
  • Write down any questions or concerns that you want to discuss with your provider
  • Test the audio & video functions on your device to make sure they are switched on and turned up
  • During the phone or video call, be sure to speak loudly and clearly and look into the camera


What if I need to be examined?

If your provider decides that there is a reason to conduct a physical examination, an in-person visit can be scheduled. This does not mean that you can’t continue with your telehealth visit as planned. There may be other topics that your provider can take care of by phone or video call.

Will my telehealth visit be recorded?

No. We do not record these visits, nor do we give patients permission to make their own recordings of telehealth appointments. If your provider feels it would be helpful to take photos of certain conditions during your video appointment, they will ask for your permission.

How much will a telehealth appointment cost?

Your insurance will be billed just as though you were seeing your provider in person. Our normal billing process and sliding fee scale discounts will apply. We encourage you to contact your insurance company to ask about your plan and coverage for telehealth. If you want to check on your sliding fee scale, or update your income information, please call (406) 258-4450 for assistance.

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